Currently, we send teams of physicians and supporting staff, including anesthesiologists, physician’s assistants, and nurses to different states to assess other facilities that wish to create similar heart care units. When hired as a consultant by other medical groups, we look at procedures from pre-operative cardiovascular risk assessment to assessment of serological determinants of cardiac injury in post-operative patients.

Heart Center Consulting

From supervising procedures or directly performing in-patient consultation to suggesting related cardiovascular literature, we evaluate through direct observation and patient chart review. We also assess effectiveness in the operating room: cost control, clinical outcome, length of procedure, and profusion times, and suggest needed medical equipment and staff, as well as look at the overall environment for things like cleanliness and safety. If specific training is needed, hospitals draw on our recruitment program, allowing some physicians, anesthesiologists, physician’s assistants and cardiac nurses to work in another hospital as needed.

Ocala Heart Model Consultation

There is good reason to seek a consultation with Ocala Heart Institute. Since 1988, we have created and expanded our heart care practice to six locations throughout the state of Florida, building a team approach we call the “Ocala Heart Model,” a unique model of standardized care that results in better patient outcome, better operating room procedures, and better patient satisfaction. Our board certified anesthesiologists and endocardiography specialists monitor patients through intensive care, making for a seamless transition.

We lead the industry in new procedures and techniques and continue to expand horizons with robotic surgery and other less-invasive options, opening up possibilities or 2nd or even 3rd re-operations oftentimes needed by older patients.

Receiving top honors from the Society of Thoracic Surgery, and named as one of the nation’s Top 100 Hospitals, our high success rate of quality outcome for cardiac surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and thoracic surgery, especially complex cases, proves that our system gets to the heart of the matter.

Ocala Heart Institute’s Florida physician management service frees our staff of thirty-seven physicians from worrying about the business and finance side of their practice so that they can concentrate on caring for patients, fulfilling their original mission statement. Our consulting program supports that goal by responding to requests and referrals from our current programs.